• What are people saying about Susan?

    Susan Swafford has a remarkable ability to coach people to a preferred future of greater success and achievement. Her proven system provides the framework that can help anyone navigate the uncertain pathways of financial freedom and personal significance. ~ Jerome Wade CEO, The Epic Advantage

    I first heard Susan speak at a women’s luncheon and was mesmerized from her first word to the last. Although the subject matter she spoke on was deep and personal, she handled it with grace and professionalism. I noticed that others were hanging on her every word as well. I have since invited Susan to be a speaker at a conference for women that I facilitate. I’m impressed by her strong desire to perfect her craft by learning all she can about the art of speaking and even more about the different personalities of those to whom she is speaking. All in all, I would heartily recommend Susan as a professional speaker for any variety of events. ~Amy Meyer Allen, Founder of the REAL Conference

    If you have not had a chance to attend one of Susan Swafford’s classes, you are missing out! Susan’s focus is helping women, and I just love, love her perspectives on ultimately being a lady of truth and love! ~Shelley M. Bruce, KSB Productions

    Thank you so much for facilitating these workshops. There are not words to describe for what you are providing for us! You are such a blessing! Thank you for putting our passion into us! ~Jen LeFevre, Life Change by Plexus