• Build a Dam

    6 Steps to Keep Negative Thoughts from Raining on Your Success

    The dictionary defines negative as “opposed to positive.”  Why would anyone want to be opposed to positive? As ridiculous as it may sound, there are plenty of people who are opposed to positive thinking. They may not realize it or even fathom being someone who entertains negative thinking, but you know that they dwell on negative thoughts. You hear it in their words. You see it in their body language. You witness it in their results. Rather than seeing the cup half full they normally choose to see it half empty. This negative focus, if consistently practiced, will ultimately hinder their success at whatever they choose to do.

    Conversely, positive is defined as “opposed to negative.” Positive thinking is powerful!  It encourages one to act directly with confidence. It doesn’t allow negative circumstances to interfere with end results. While the rain of trials may still come, the downfall will not wash away the vision and passion that initiated the journey. Instead, the positive thinker finds a way to build a dam, collect what’s captured, and use it as a resource rather than a hindrance.

    Six steps I have found to keep negative thoughts from raining on my success are:

    1. Realize change begins with you
    2. Stop making excuses
    3. Take your thoughts captive
    4. Think about what is true and good
    5. Plan a measurable course of action
    6. Commit to the plan.

    Realize change begins with you

    Acknowledge you have a choice in what you think. As much as one may want to change your negative thinking for you, you are the only one that can make that change.

    Stop making excuses

    There is nothing standing in the way of your success except you. If the rain comes down, build a dam.

    Take your thoughts captive

    The battle begins in the mind. Negative thoughts can drain your energy, diminish your confidence, and ultimately paralyze your success. When you realize your thoughts are negative, snatch them before they take your mind captive.

    Think about what is true and good

    The truth and the good behind your choice to begin this journey is the power behind the ability to reach your destination. Remember – and think of it often – the vision you had when you first began.

    Plan a measurable course of action

    Take the time to write out a specific and measurable course of action. Determine where you want to go and how you are going to get there. A course of action that is measurable has a much greater chance of being accomplished than a general goal.

    Commit to the plan

    Set it in your mind that you will commit to the plan. Ask a trusted friend or colleague to help keep you accountable.

    No one but you can change the way you think. Be deliberate in what you let your mind dwell on. Put off negative thinking. Renew your mind with the truth, and put on positive thinking. Build a dam. It will change your life!