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    Why Susan D Swafford

    Susan’s inspiration will immediately engage your participants, especially as the keynote for your event. Susan inspires purpose and drives action. With her authentic personal style and deep insight into leadership, your event participants take away a proven process to identify their strengths, clarify their vision and execute their plan for success.

    Susan is an expert at getting individuals to exchange old mindsets to ones that thrive in abundance. She tailors her programs to meet the needs of the event in a variety of formats. Whether it be spiritual development, business systems, or wealth building strategies, high content is formatted for keynote, breakout, training, or retreats nationally and internationally.

    Here is a list of Susan’s CORE speaking topics:


    Women’s WealthShops

    Wealth is more than money, but to fully experience it you have to understand your own “true self.” This presentation can be tailored to a variety of conference/seminar needs that includes up to five different value-packed sessions. Depending on your needs, we will measure a person’s individuality, reveal who a person really is at the CORE – actions, behavior, perceptions and reactions, delve into communication styles, determine an individual’s most efficient and productive style of operating and how to plan a a focused course of action.

    I’ve Got Something to Say

    In this fun, interactive workshop you will learn and apply four key techniques needed to develop a powerful presentation. In this small-group session, you will have a unique opportunity to hone your signature talk, be constructively critiqued, and given an opportunity to present from the stage. You will leave with a confidence to speak in public and a system to easily craft a presentation that will enable you to speak from your heart, rather than from pages of notes.

    F.O.C.U.S. for Growth

    This presentation is designed to empower you to go beyond the mere excitement of launching your life and business aims. You will delve into five CORE elements of intentionality to help give your dream the structure and focus that will make it a working reality. You will be taught how to cultivate an environment of freedom and fulfillment that aligns with the strengths of your “true self.”