• 7 Ways to Create a Life of Intention

    Noah Webster defines intention as “a stretching or bending of the mind towards an object; hence, uncommon exertion of the intellectual faculties; closeness of application; fixedness of attention; earnestness.”

    He further states, “Intention is when the mind, with great earnestness and of choice, fixes its view on any idea, considers it on every side, and will not be called off by the ordinary solicitation of other ideas.”

    Intention involves mental activities. It requires the individual to be active in thought, deliberate in choice, and void of procrastination. It is a mental state that represents a commitment to what one has set on accomplishing, not only for the here and now, but for the future as well. It requires planning and forethought, leaving no room for wavering.

    Those who have mastered the discipline of creating a life of intention are the ones who understand they have purpose and are willing to stretch themselves forward to reach that purpose.

    Create a Life of Intention

    1. Don’t allow your past to dictate the intentions you have for today and for your future. Yesterday is gone. Learn from it and move on. Today is now. Apply what you’ve learned. Stretch yourself today so you can be all that God intended you to be, for tomorrow is your future.
    2. What’s your passion? Define it. Embrace it. Communicate it. Live it.
    3. Be a productivity planner. Each day has 24 hours. Plan each day wisely leaving ample amounts of white space on your calendar, for it is in this white space that creativity is stirred, ideas are born, and purpose is lived. Schedule out your action steps with specific questions in mind such as
    • What is my mission today?
    • What can I do to strengthen my performance today?
    • What can I do to move my life and business forward today?
    • How can I serve greatly today?

    All of our todays will affect all of our tomorrows.

    4. Know and communicate clearly the value you bring to your market.

    5. Actively listen beyond the obvious. Every life comes with a story. Take the time to know other’s stories.

    6. Be an influencer. Determine who you want to reach and what story you want to tell.

    7. Grow authentic trust. Bring the best of who you are and want the best for others.

    “You have been given a gift – your life. What will you do with it?” ~Michael Hyatt

    Our days are numbered. We can’t redo the life we’ve been given. What will you do to create a life of intention today?